Episode 23

Episode 23: Career Climb: Mastering the Mindset for Success

In this insightful episode of "eLABorate Topics," our co-hosts delve into the mindset required for career success and the courage to pursue personal fulfillment. They share practical tips, personal challenges, and the importance of resilience, self-reflection, and continuous growth.

Key Points

  • Courage and Leadership: Making tough decisions with confidence and integrity.
  • Shifting Perspectives: Viewing work as a platform for growth and learning.
  • Maintaining a Positive Mindset: Embracing a growth mindset and practicing self-compassion.
  • Designing Your Career Path: Building a career based on your strengths and values.
  • Practical Tips: Effective goal setting, leadership strategies, and celebrating small achievements along the way.

Why Listen?

  • Gain actionable insights to boost your professional journey.
  • Learn how to navigate challenges with resilience and self-reflection.
  • Discover the power of a positive mindset in achieving career and personal goals.

Don't Miss:

  1. Real-life stories of overcoming obstacles and achieving success.
  2. Expert advice on personal and professional development.
  3. Strategies to help you design a fulfilling and impactful career.

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Leadership and Technical Strategies for Medical Laboratory Professionals to excel inside and outside of the lab..

About your hosts

Profile picture for Tywauna Wilson

Tywauna Wilson

Tywauna "Coach Tee" Wilson is an accomplished medical laboratory leader, author of "Some Leaders Wear Lab Coats," and co-host of the "eLABorate Topics" podcast. As founder and president of Trendy Elite Coaching and Consulting, she develops best-in-class leaders through coaching programs and leadership training. With two decades of experience, including as a lab manager and technical director, Tywauna leverages her clinical expertise to mentor laboratory professionals. Through Trendy Elite's Standout Leader Academy and her own initiatives, she empowers professionals to enhance their leadership skills, expand their influence, and excel in their careers. Tywauna is committed to guiding the next generation of confident, competent laboratory leaders
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Stephanie Whitehead

It isn’t every healthcare leader who can seamlessly lead through the chaos of managing a large healthcare operation while navigating the rapid changes in healthcare. But this is exactly the environment where Stephanie Whitehead not only shines but thrives!

Stephanie is an executive-level leader that fueled by her passion for helping others in the medical profession achieve operational excellence. Intrigued by the evolving nature of the laboratory field and its strong impact on patient treatment, she had an early determination to leave an indelible mark on the laboratory profession.
Stephanie is a co-host who offers a unique blend of clinical knowledge, practical advice, and personable humor. Stephanie’s niche has always been the ability to see problems with a wide-lens view and then, narrow them down to connect the dots, take action, and drive results.

Contact her at stepanie.y.whitehead@gmail.com or StephanieYWhitehead on all social media

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